Spray tan rubs off from Trump’s hand after aggressive handshake with French President Macron

Rubbed off: Trump and Macron share a handshake

La Malbaie, Quebec — Dreamy French President Emmanuel Macron accidentally rubbed off spray tan from orange tinted Kremlin kowtower Dotard Trump’s hand following an aggressively firm handshake at the G7 Summit in Canada.

The mishap was immediately spotted by Trump’s aides but not before pictures of the event went viral immediately after they were made available online by Getty Images.

Trump’s spray tan was seen looking even once more later on, leading some to believe the Oval Office interloper’s entourage is likely carrying a travel size can of spray tan at all times for such tanning emergencies.

The White House has refused to comment on the matter.

Trump left the G7 summit early to focus on his trip to Singapore where he is privately expected to negotiate back-door deals for his family’s real estate business under the guise of peace talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

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