Messy ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ bogged down by lame supervillains

Movie Title: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Year of Release: 2014

Directed by: Marc Webb

The Bent*Spud 2 Cents:

Jamie Foxx as Electro: lamest Spider-villain ever

Just like Peter Parker's kindhearted Aunt May, the second installment in the Spider-Man franchise reboot seems to be going through a messy, aimless midlife crisis, not sure what it's supposed to do, and how it's supposed to propel its narrative in a consistent and believable manner.

Unfortunately, director Marc Webb and his screenwriter cohorts thought the best way to go about it is by throwing as many supervillains as they can into the mix, and let the plot chips fall where they may. Big mistake.

With the possible exception of Tim Burton's Batman Returns, supervillain pileups in superhero movies rarely ever work. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes it worse by including quite possibly the lamest Spider-Man supervillain with the lamest origin story ever, Electro, and giving him more focus than the other supervillain in the movie, The Green Goblin. As a result, The Green Goblin almost comes off as an afterthought, redundant and unnecessary. If rumors are true that Sony is planning a spinoff movie involving The Green Goblin and Electro, then they will have a tall task ahead of them.

On the bright side, the actors made the best of what was dealt to them. Andrew Garfield seemed more comfortable as the titular character, infusing his performance with the bravado and comic chutzpah for which the comic book superhero is well-known. Emma Stone was charming as ever as the inimitable love interest Gwen Stacy.

The other redeeming element of the movie was the superb execution of the special effects. Electro may be lame as hell, but his presence in the movie made for a visually entertaining extravaganza.

Unfortunately, these positives aren't enough to lift the movie past "meh" and into "yeah that wasn't so bad."

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