“S’only Natural” by Hellogoodbye

Album Title: S'only Natural

Year of Release: 2018

Performed by: Hellogoodbye

Running Time: 44 minutes

The Bent*Spud 2 Cents:

For Hellogoodbye’s fourth LP, Forrest Kline took in lots of disco and angsty PBR&B for inspiration. The result is a playfully retro, delightfully funky and thoroughly enjoyable set of songs that Nile Rodgers would wish he produced.

Best Tracks: “S’only Natural,” “Close,” “You’ve Got An Expensive Heart,” “Hang Loose,” “Put It Out”

T H E     B E N T * S P U D     S C O R E     C A R D

  • Overall Production
  • Lyrical Quality
  • Catchiness
  • Technical Complexity
  • Originality
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