02 Jul 2019

New poll shows Kamala Harris surging in Iowa

California Sen. Kamala Harris is surging in Iowa, according to a new poll in the early caucus state.

Former Vice President Joe Biden still leads the Democratic field in a poll taken after last week’s debates from Suffolk University and USA Today, with 24% support. But Biden is followed by Harris (16%) and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (13%)

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27 Apr 2016

Sanders laying off ‘hundreds’ of campaign staffers

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is downsizing its field staff, as well as some advance and other workers, an adviser told CNN Wednesday afternoon.

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29 Mar 2016

Susan Sarandon’s vagina: ‘I am with Hillary’

Los Angeles, CA — In a startling turn of events, Susan Sarandon’s vagina has gone on record and declared she is throwing her full support behind Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

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02 Mar 2016

Economic inequality to blame for Zika outbreak, says Bernie Sanders

Gas, KS — U.S. presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders believes the current Zika virus outbreak would not have happened “if there was no economic inequality in the world.”

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20 Feb 2016

Will Ferrell switches support from Sanders to Clinton

Does Will Ferrell not feel the Bern anymore?

Ferrell, who was previously on Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ list of celebrity endorsements on his campaign website, was recently campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Nevada.

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