26 Jun 2019

Chris Evans was your dorky Mystery Date before he was Captain America

Chris Evans has gone on millions of dates.

It’s not because he’s become an international superstar by playing Captain America in the “Avengers” films, nor is it thanks to establishing himself as leading man material in “Not Another Teen Movie” back in 2001. Actually it started a few years before that — with a tween-age board game game called Mystery Date.

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05 Oct 2018

Fans upset over Chris Evans’ apparent farewell as Captain America

Chris Evans had Twitter all in an uproar when he appeared to be bidding farewell to his iconic role as Captain America.

Evans tweeted Thursday about his final day on the “Avengers 4” set.

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12 Apr 2014

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ soars with plot twists, intense action

Everyone’s favorite shield-wielding, all-American patriot is back for the second installment of a (presumably) trilogy of films. This time, the Cap faces off with the mysterious Winter Soldier, an antagonist with some major baggage and shady friends in high places.

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