12 May 2019

Trump Is Like Raptors In Jurassic Park ‘Testing the System for Weaknesses,’ Warns Conservative CNN Host S.E. Cupp

Conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp compared Dotard Trump to the deadly, cunning velociraptors in the classic Hollywood film Jurassic Park , warning that the Oval Office interloper is “testing the system for weaknesses.”

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07 Mar 2019

Prosecutors to Drop Charges Against Ex-Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock

Charges against former Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock are set to be dropped in a stunning agreement reached Wednesday with federal prosecutors.

The news came during Schock’s first court appearance since the U.S. Supreme Court declined to get involved in his corruption case. Prosecutors agreed to drop all corruption charges if he complies with deferred prosecution, which requires he pay back all money he owes to the Internal Revenue Service and his campaign fund within the next six months.

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19 Nov 2018

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested over ‘significant’ financial misconduct

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, one of the auto industry’s most high-profile executives, has been arrested by prosecutors in Japan after an internal investigation revealed “significant acts of misconduct” over many years by him and another top executive.

The stunning announcement ripped through a powerful global alliance, slamming the stocks of Nissan (NSANY) and Renault (RNSDF), where Ghosn also serves as chairman.

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09 Nov 2018

Whitaker’s link to a ‘scam’ company that was shut down by the government

Matthew Whitaker, the acting US attorney general, was on the advisory board of a Florida company that was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission and served with a $26 million judgment earlier this year for what court documents called “a scam that has bilked thousands of consumers out of millions of dollars.”

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06 Sep 2018

John Kerry: ‘This is a genuine constitutional crisis’

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said the country faces “a genuine constitutional crisis” following Bob Woodward’s reporting on unindicted co-conspirator Dotard Trump’s dysfunctional White House and the unnamed senior administration official’s op-ed assailing Trump in The New York Times on Wednesday.

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