29 Apr 2020

Up to 60 bodies found in four trucks outside Brooklyn funeral home

Four trucks containing as many as 60 bodies have been discovered outside a Brooklyn funeral home after someone reported fluids dripping from the trucks, a law enforcement official told CNN.

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17 Jul 2019

Woman dies after botched 21st-birthday nose job

An Italian woman died of complications from the nose job she got for her 21st birthday, according to new reports.

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13 Jul 2019

MH370 found? Investigators discover ‘precise’ new search area for missing plane

MH370 could be in the complete opposite direction than where investigators have been searching, according to a new study.

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02 Jul 2019

Stowaway falls from plane over London, narrowly missing sunbather

LONDON (Reuters) – The body of a suspected stowaway fell hundreds of meters from a plane flying over southwest London, landing in the garden of a man’s home, just missing him as he sunbathed, according to neighbors.

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31 Mar 2017

Ichiro Wants to Play Until He’s 50; Says He’ll ‘Just Die’ After Retiring

Ichiro Suzuki has eclipsed 3,000 hits, captured two batting titles, made 10 All-Star teams and snagged an American League MVP during his 16-year MLB career, but he doesn’t sound ready to slow down anytime soon.

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