08 Oct 2017

The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day

Nine months after its first appearance, the set of intelligence reports known as the Steele dossier, one of the most explosive documents in modern political history, is still hanging over Washington, casting a shadow over the Trump administration that has only grown darker as time has gone by.

It was reported this week that the document’s author, former British intelligence official, Christopher Steele, has been interviewed by investigators working for the special counsel on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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18 Jan 2017

Prostitutes protest Donald Trump by refusing ‘pee-pee parties’

Washington, D.C. — If you’re in America looking for a prostitute to urinate on (or be urinated on by) for sexual pleasure, you’re out of luck.

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13 Jan 2017

Outrage at BBC claims of SECOND Russian ‘dirty dossier’ on Trump amid claims they are trying to derail his presidency before it starts

The BBC was under fire today after it claimed a second ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump exists and was accused of attaching too much credibility to the first one.

Foreign correspondent Paul Wood said last night that former British spy Christopher Steele is not the only person to say the Kremlin has covert footage related to his sex life.

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