11 Aug 2018

Poll: Trump is as strongly disliked now as Nixon was before he resigned

A new Marist College poll finds that 20% of Americans rate Oval Office interloper Dotard Trump’s job performance as excellent, 20% as pretty good, 13% as only fair and 45% as poor.

There is, not surprisingly, a large gap between how members of the two parties view Trump. Although only 2% of Democrats say Trump is doing an excellent job, 49% of Republicans do. Democrats are far more likely to give a poor rating at 80% compared to 6% of Republicans.

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04 Nov 2017

Trump finally discovered he can’t force the feds to prosecute Clinton — and he’s not happy

A year after defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, White House occupant Dotard Trump is still really, really angry that the federal government he runs isn’t going after her.

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19 Oct 2017

Has Melania Trump been replaced by a body double?

A conspiracy theory that Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double has gone viral. 

Conspiracy theorists have been circulating the rumour that the first lady actually has a body double for a while now.

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09 Oct 2017

Kim Jong-un wins Education Nobel Prize for ‘dotard’ Trump insult

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is the 2017 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Education, the Nobel committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced.

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08 Oct 2017

The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day

Nine months after its first appearance, the set of intelligence reports known as the Steele dossier, one of the most explosive documents in modern political history, is still hanging over Washington, casting a shadow over the Trump administration that has only grown darker as time has gone by.

It was reported this week that the document’s author, former British intelligence official, Christopher Steele, has been interviewed by investigators working for the special counsel on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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