08 Sep 2019

Liam Gallagher leads with ‘Once’

Liam Gallagher moves into the summit with “Once.” Orville Peck inches up one to No. 4 with “Hope To Die.” Lana Del Rey jumps 19-15 with “Doin’ Time.” The 1975 arrive at No. 20 with their polarizing “People.”

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01 Sep 2019

Kygo & Whitney Houston stay ‘high’ on top for second week

Kygo and Whitney Houston spend a second week on top with “Higher Love.” Orville Peck meanwhile triples up in Top 10 as “Hope To Die” (up 14-5) and “Turn To Hate” (up 17-9) join former No. 1 “Dead Of Night” in the region. Lana Del Rey is new at No. 19 with “Doin’ Time.”

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25 Aug 2019

Kygo & Whitney Houston’s ‘Higher Love’ moves into summit

Kygo & Whitney Houston move into the summit with “Higher Love.” Liam Gallagher climbs into the runner-up spot with “Once.” Khalid leads a trio of new entries with “Talk” at No. 19.

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18 Aug 2019

Mr Hudson stays on top for second week with ‘WHAT IF I GO NORTH?’

Mr Hudson spends a second week on top with “WHAT IF I GO NORTH?” Liam Gallagher jumps 7-3 with “Once.” Orville Peck debuts two new tracks: “Hope To Die” at No. 19 and “Turn To Hate” at No. 20.

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31 Dec 2018

The 21 Songs That Rocked 2018

It seems most everyone is in agreement that 2018 was all around just a bad year (it feels like it’s been like that for the past two years, to be honest). While everyone had hoped that the orange tinted Kremlin kowtower residing in the White House would finally get what’s coming to him, nothing of the sort happened and instead the disgraceful autocrat adorer was allowed to continue his demented war on truth, decency and morality. Way to leave us with blue balls, Robert Mueller!

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