14 Mar 2016

On the plate: baked fish with a touch of Creole

Haddock fillet with Yukon potatoes, tomatoes, and okra in Creole sauce. You mix dat okra with dat Creole make a fishy bama.

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01 Mar 2015

Reel-y? 280-pound catfish reportedly caught in Italy’s Po River

Catfish come in all varieties, shapes and sizes, some big and some small.

And one downright gigantic, apparently now swimming in a river in Italy.

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22 Jan 2015

Hundreds of fish dead after bungling council workers accidentally released them from lake

Hundreds of fish perished after being released from a lake by accident when a sluice gate was opened during a council inspection.

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21 Jan 2015

Rare and terrifying frilled shark catch in Victorian waters the first for fishermen in local living memory

The hideous, mildly terrifying and rarely sighted frilled shark has turned up in waters off south-eastern Victoria.

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18 Aug 2014

Fishermen use small fish to capture bigger fish

This is an amazing video of two men on a fishing trip capturing a really big fish by using a small fish as bait.

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