29 Sep 2019

The Bent*Spun 21 turns 10: A celebration of chart highlights (and nadirs)

September 2019 is a big month for the Bent*Spun, Bent*Spud’s chart of the songs that rocked the hebdomad. 10 years ago, after a couple of “duct tape” versions that launched and fizzled, we formalized the chart into the regularly updated labor of love weekly event that it is now.

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12 Dec 2010

Rihanna stamps ‘Name’ on top

Seemingly on the way down the chart last week, Rihanna zooms back up and into pole position (9-1) this week with “What’s My Name? (feat. Drake).” The rest of the Top 10 looks like a Rihanna & Ke$ha party, with 7 out of the 10 uppermost-ranking tracks belonging to the two pop queens.

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