11 Jul 2019

Swarm of ladybugs so large it registers on National Weather Service radar in California

A swarm of ladybugs moving through San Diego County was so large it registered on the National Weather Service’s (NWS) weather radar Tuesday night, CBS Los Angeles reports. The NWS office in San Diego tweeted out a video of the radar that looked to be showing precipitation but was in fact what they called a ladybug “bloom.”

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29 Jun 2019

Cricket: Busy bees interrupt South Africa and Sri Lanka … again

CHESTER-LE-STREET, England (Reuters) – A swarm of bees forced the players of South Africa and Sri Lanka to dive onto the ground during their Cricket World Cup clash at the Riverside Stadium on Friday — but for many on the pitch there was a sense of deja vu.

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15 Mar 2019

Clone-like, Colombian spiders named for Star Wars’ Storm Troopers

Perhaps the greatest pleasure in science is naming a new species. You can name animals after your loved ones (or, let’s be honest, yourself), insects after their own weird genitals, and lichens after Lady Gaga. When you’ve made such a discovery, the world is truly your Crassostrea virginica oyster (itself named for the colony of Virginia, which was in turn most likely named for Elizabeth I of England, the virgin queen).

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26 Apr 2018

Terrifying giant mosquito discovered in China

A giant mosquito with a wingspan of more than 4 inches has been found in China.

The super-sized insect belongs to the Holorusa mikado species, the largest mosquito family in the world.

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03 Feb 2017

Woman with itchy nose horrified to find she had a cockroach living in her head

DOCTORS have removed a live cockroach from a woman’s SKULL.

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