31 Dec 2019

The 21 Songs That Rocked 2019

In 2019, the Queen of Pop emerged as the MVP, placing four tracks from her new album Madame X on the year-end tally. Tying for second place with two tracks each are queer country sensation Orville Peck and the incomparable Ariana Grande. But who among them stood out and claimed the No. 1 song of the year?

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29 Dec 2019

Madonna finds No. 1 with ‘I Don’t Search I Find’

After debuting at No. 20 three weeks ago, the Queen of Pop takes “I Don’t Search I Find” to the top, with Post Malone coming up at her heels with “Circles” at No. 2. The week’s highest debut comes from Canadian folk artist Joshua Hyslop, who appears on the countdown for the first time with “Behind The Light” at No. 15.

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22 Dec 2019

Ryan Beatty takes ‘Patchwork’ to No. 1

Ryan Beatty scores his first chart topper on the countdown on his first try as “Patchwork” ascends 2-1. Duncan Laurence descends to No. 2 after 2 weeks on top with “Love Don’t Hate It.” The Queen of Pop flies 20-3 on her second week on the countdown with “I Don’t Search I Find.”

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15 Dec 2019

Duncan Laurence’s ‘Love Don’t Hate It’ on top for second frame

Duncan Laurence spends a second week on top with “Love Don’t Hate It.” Ryan Beatty lands in the runner-up spot with “Patchwork.” The Queen of Pop debuts with “I Don’t Search I Find.”

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10 Nov 2019

Man sues Madonna, saying her 10:30 p.m. concert start is too late

(CNN) “There’s something that you all need to understand,” Madonna said during her Las Vegas concert, while perched atop a piano, legs swinging. “And that is, that a queen is never late.”

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