30 Jan 2019

A Florida Man Allegedly Killed His Mom, Dad, And Brother After Sending $200,000 To A “Cam Girl” In Europe

A Florida man has been arrested after he allegedly shot dead his mother, father, and brother execution-style after a feud with them stemming from his sending about $200,000 of their money to a so-called “cam girl” in Bulgaria.

Grant Amato, 29, was arrested Monday at a hotel and appeared in Seminole County Court on three first-degree murder charges.

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19 Jun 2018

Firefighters Suspended; Accused of Making Porn at Firehouse

AKRON, Ohio — Two firefighters in Ohio have been suspended for allegedly making pornographic videos at a firehouse.

Akron (AK’-ruhn) officials say Arthur Dean and Deann Eller were both placed on administrative leave on Monday while the city launched an investigation into the matter.

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27 Mar 2018

Man who tried to marry his laptop pushes anti-porn bill

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A man with a history of outlandish lawsuits including trying to marry his computer is pushing a measure requiring a filter for online pornography that could be lifted with a $20 fee.

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13 Apr 2017

‘World’s oldest porn star’, 82, who only started in his 70s reveals bizarre secret behind his high sex drive

An 82-year-old man dubbed “the world’s oldest” porn star has revealed the bizarre secret behind his incredible sex drive .

Shigeo Tokuda, who only became an adult entertainer aged around 70, credits his remarkable stamina to eating eggs every day.

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22 Oct 2015

Brent Corrigan Turned Down Role in James Franco’s Gay Murder Movie ‘King Cobra’

Posting on social media, gay adult film star Brent Corrigan revealed that he turned down an offer to be involved in James Franco’s gay murder movie King Cobra.

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