15 Aug 2019

Steve King asks, ‘Would there be any population’ if not for rape, incest

Controversial Iowa Congressman Steve King, in an eyebrow-raising defense of his anti-abortion legislation, questioned Wednesday whether there would “be any population of the world left” if not for rape and incest.

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14 Jul 2019

Alleged rape in Germany sparks debate on lowering age of child criminality

The alleged rape of a young woman suspected to have been carried out by boys as young as 12 has sparked a debate in Germany around lowering the age of criminal responsibility of young offenders.

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07 Mar 2019

Man confessed to giving STDs to 3-year-old relative: court docs

A Texas man has confessed to raping a 3-year-old female relative, leading her to contract chlamydia and gonorrhea, court documents show.

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20 Jan 2019

Delaware police charge 4 youths, ages 12 to 14, in rape of juvenile

Four males aged 12 to 14 were arrested in connection with the rape and kidnapping of a juvenile in December, according to statement from police in New Castle County, Delaware.

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10 Jan 2019

Comatose woman who had baby is hospitalized, police say

PHOENIX (AP) – An Arizona woman in a vegetative state who had a baby after she was sexually assaulted at a long-term care facility is recovering at a hospital along with her child, authorities said Wednesday as they ramped up the search for a suspect in a case that’s made shockwaves.

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