19 Jan 2020

Post Malone’s ‘Circles’ keeps No. 1 spot for second week

Post Malone spends a second week on top with “Circles.” Sam Hunt moves up to the runner-up spot with “Sinning With You,” followed by “Kinfolks” at No. 3. Chris Thompson leads three debuts on the chart with “If You Remember Me” at No. 18.

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12 Jan 2020

Post Malone earns 5th No. 1 with ‘Circles’

Post Malone ascends to the summit with “Circles” (up 2-1). The Queen of Pop slides down to the runner-up spot after two weeks on top with “I Don’t Search I Find.” Justin Bieber debuts high at No. 7 with “Yummy.”

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05 Jan 2020

Madonna spends second week on top with ‘I Don’t Search I Find’

Madonna starts the new decade on top with “I Don’t Search I Find” (second week at No. 1). Sam Hunt debuts with two new songs: “Sinning With You” at No. 4 and “Kinfolks” at No. 12. Cameron Hawthorn returns to the countdown at No. 17 with “Oh Hot Damn!”

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31 Dec 2018

The 21 Songs That Rocked 2018

It seems most everyone is in agreement that 2018 was all around just a bad year (it feels like it’s been like that for the past two years, to be honest). While everyone had hoped that the orange tinted Kremlin kowtower residing in the White House would finally get what’s coming to him, nothing of the sort happened and instead the disgraceful autocrat adorer was allowed to continue his demented war on truth, decency and morality. Way to leave us with blue balls, Robert Mueller!

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02 Sep 2018

Mac Miller rises to No. 1 with ‘What’s The Use?’

Mac Miller’s maiden voyage on the chart ends up with a No. 1 stop as “What’s The Use” reverses course 4-1. Meanwhile, Two Feet doubles up in the Top 5 with “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” (up 5-2) and “Hurt People (feat. Madison Love)” (up 10-5). Eight tracks debut on the countdown, led by Why Don’t We at No. 11 with “8 Letters.”

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