14 Feb 2019

U.S. Senator Susan Collins to introduce ‘wire hanger’ bill to quell Roe v. Wade reversal fears

Stinging from renewed criticism for helping put beer lover and firm “boys will be boys” believer Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced she will soon introduce a bill that would legalize the use of wire hangers to abort unwanted or life-threatening fetuses at home.

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27 Sep 2018

Republican governor says Kavanaugh allegations ‘sickening,’ calls on Senate to postpone vote

One of the country’s most popular Republican governors on Thursday called for an independent investigation into the allegations made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and said the Senate should hold off on a vote.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker made the comments as Professor Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh sexually and physically assaulted here.

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10 Jan 2017

Asian-American Group The Slants Head to Supreme Court Over Band Name

The Slants, an Asian-American rock band out of Portland, will have a hearing in front of the Supreme Court on January 18th in an effort to gain the trademark over their band name, bringing a seven-year Freedom of Speech battle closer to conclusion.

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12 Jul 2016

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg intensifies criticism of Trump: ‘He is a faker’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s well-known candor was on display in her chambers late Monday, when she declined to retreat from her earlier criticism of Donald Trump and even elaborated on it.

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