25 Jan 2018

Murphy Brown Revival Is Happening at CBS For 30th Anniversary

Another day, another TV revival, but this time it’s more than a rumor.

CBS is bringing back the acclaimed and Emmy-winning Murphy Brown for a 13 episode season, celebrating the show’s 30th anniversary. Candice Bergen will reprise her role as Murphy Brown, and the series will be produced by the original creator, Diane English, and original producers.

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08 Sep 2016

Matt Lauer Failed The Moderator Test

NEW YORK ― Wednesday night’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on NBC should have gone down as the first time the two 2016 presidential candidate shared a stage. But it will be remembered largely for the shortcomings of the man who was tasked with moderating.

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29 Feb 2016

Oscar Ratings: Return Of Chris Rock Sees Show Hit 8-Year Low

Chris Rock came out swinging in one of the most anticipated opening monologues in years and took on the diversity controversy from the get-go at the 88th Academy Awards. Last night also saw Brie Larson win Best Actress, Leonardo DiCaprio snag Best Actor in his fifth nomination, Alejandro G. Iñárritu was named Best Director and Spotlight won Best Picture. With all that, the Oscars themselves did not have a great night ratings-wise with a 23.1/37 in metered market results.

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16 Feb 2016

Grammy ratings were the lowest in years

CBS shook up the 58th Annual Grammy Awards by airing on a Monday night and going live on both coasts for the first time. Yet the Nielsen ratings fell anyway and marked the lowest-rated telecast for the year’s biggest music awards in six years.

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08 Feb 2016

TV Ratings: Super Bowl 50 Falls Shy of Record With 111.9 Million Viewers

At this point, not setting a ratings record is essentially a disappointment for the Super Bowl. So Sunday’s Denver-Carolina showdown, which aired on CBS, played out under a shroud of lofty expectations — and it will have to settle for No. 3 status.

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