03 Sep 2019

Pope late for Sunday sermon after getting stuck in elevator for 25 minutes

Thousands of people who were gathered in St. Peter’s Square for the traditional Sunday on-the-dot-of-noon appearance by Pope Francis were watching for the window of the Apostolic Palace to be thrown open so they could listen to the pope’s remarks and receive his blessing. But after seven minutes, the Pope still hadn’t shown himself.

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22 Jan 2016

Pope changes church rules, opens foot-washing rite to women

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has changed church regulations to explicitly allow women and girls to participate in the Easter Week foot-washing ritual, after having shocked many Catholics by performing the rite on women and Muslims just weeks after he was elected.

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22 Jan 2016

Homeless Woman Gives Birth in St. Peter’s Square, Receives Free Year in Vatican Apartment

You’ve heard of Southern hospitality, but what about Vatican hospitality?

A homeless woman gave birth to a baby girl on a cardboard box just outside of St. Peter’s Square early Wednesday, and was subsequently given a year’s stay in a Vatican-owned apartment.

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19 Sep 2015

He ain’t Catholic, he’s like Obama

3 out of 10 Americans believe Pope Francis is secretly a Muslim.

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