31 Dec 2014

The 20 Songs That Rocked 2014

As we merrily prepare to close the book on 2014, we proudly present the first ever (and what hopefully would become a regular thing every year) countdown of The 20 Songs That Rocked The Year.

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08 Nov 2014

Amazon to offer delivery by mule

Seattle, WA — If you’re an Amazon.com customer, you could soon be getting your physical merchandise delivered to you by mule.

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10 Oct 2014

Malala wins Nobel Peace Prize, tells haters to ‘#SUCKIT’

After losing last year to an intergovernmental group that lobbies for the prohibition of chemical weapons, Pakistani child education activist and gunshot victim Malala Yousafzay has finally won the coveted Nobel Peace Prize this year, along with Indian child rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi.

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12 Sep 2014

‘Cheeky’ alternate cover art for Tony Bennett-Lady Gaga jazz album revealed

The deluxe version of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s first collaborative jazz album, Cheek To Cheek, will feature on its cover a close-up of a fish with a crustacean parasite lodged in its mouth.

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25 Aug 2014

‘Luddite’ barber thwarts Instagram user snapping pole, remains in Early Middle Ages

Beauty, KY — A Luddite barber shop owner has successfully kept his business firmly entrenched in the Early Middle Ages after thwarting an Instagram user’s attempt to photograph the barber’s pole installed outside his place of business.

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