07 Jul 2019

Orville Peck’s ‘Dead Of Night’ alive on top for third straight week

Orville Peck spends a third consecutive week on top with “Dead Of Night.” Dutch hottie Duncan Laurence regains his No. 2 peak with “Arcade.” The Queen of Pop meanwhile debuts in the anchor spot with her controversial anti-gun violence “God Control.”

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30 Jun 2019

Orville Peck tops for second week with ‘Dead Of Night’

Orville Peck tops for a second frame with “Dead Of Night.” Billie Eilish jumps up 9 notches to No. 2 with “bad guy.” The Queen of Pop moves 18-5 with “Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta).” Kirin J Callinan also crashes the Top 10 with “The Homosexual” (up 17-7). Debbie Gibson re-enters at No. 18 with “Foolish Beat.”

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23 Jun 2019

Orville Peck seizes summit with ‘Dead Of Night’

Breakthrough country artist Orville Peck saddles up to the summit this week with “Dead Of Night” (up 4-1). He swaps places with Madonna & Swae Lee’s “Crave” which cedes the top spot after holding it for 2 weeks. Elsewhere, Billie Eilish debuts with “bad guy” at No. 11.

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16 Jun 2019

Madonna & Swae Lee’s ‘Crave’ stays on top for second week

Madonna & Swae Lee stay on top for a second week with “Crave.” Inching ever closer to the summit is Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade.” Sergey Lazarev hits the Top 5 with “Scream.”

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09 Jun 2019

Madonna & Swae Lee’s ‘Crave’ gets taste of No. 1

The Queen of Pop edges into the summit with her collaboration with Swae Lee, “Crave” (up 2-1). Right on their heels is the enigmatic masked country crooner Orville Peck with “Dead Of Night” (up 7-2). Duncan Laurence also moves up 2 to No. 5 with his Eurovision-winning “Arcade.”

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