11 Mar 2016

Second ‘Matrix’ director comes out as transgender

The second half of the directing duo known as the Wachowskis has come out as transgender.

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26 Feb 2016

Anohni Issues Statement About Being Cut From the Oscars Ceremony

Anohni (aka Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons) is nominated for an Academy Award this year for Best Song for “Manta Ray” from the documentary Racing Extinction. Alas when the presenters and performers for the Oscars ceremony were announced only three of the Best Song nominees were listed as performing: Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd. Absent was Anohni and South Korean soprano Sumi Jo (who sings “Simple Song #3,” from Paolo Sorrentino’s film Youth). They were cut due to “time constraints.” Anohni is understandably unhappy about this and posted a long letter on her Facebook page and how this has particularly saddened and embarrassed her and why she has now decided not to attend this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony at all.

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27 Jun 2015

Darren Criss Apologizes to Caitlyn Jenner for Joking About Her During a Performance

Darren Criss has publicly apologized to Caitlyn Jenner following reports that he made an insensitive joke about her during a performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch earlier this week.

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25 Apr 2015

Bruce Jenner comes out … as a Republican

Bruce Jenner didn’t just come out as a transgender woman Friday night — he also came out as a Republican.

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