25 Apr 2019

Trump ‘repeatedly complains about Obama having more Twitter followers than him’

Dotard Trump has reportedly complained multiple times about having fewer Twitter followers than Barack Obama.

In a White House meeting with Twitter chief Jack Dorsey on Tuesday, the Kremlin kowtower and cheeseburger aficionado allegedly complained about followers he had lost, and suggested it was part of an anti-Trump agenda by the company.

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23 Jan 2019

Trump to deliver State of the Union address from golden toilet via Twitter

Washington, D.C. — Demolishing yet again another White House norm, autocrat adorer and hamburger enthusiast Dotard Trump is said to be planning on delivering this year’s State Of The Union address via a Twitter live feed from his golden toilet.

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20 Dec 2018

Twitter shares plummet after being compared to Harvey Weinstein

Twitter shares plummeted 11 percent Thursday after a short-seller called the Web site “the Harvey Weinstein of social media.”

Citron Research’s Andrew Left piled on the social network in response to an Amnesty International report from earlier this week that labeled it a breeding ground for abuse and hate speech.

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10 Dec 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ignites a new storm over Myanmar

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweets have triggered an angry backlash for the second time in less than a month.

Dorsey posted a series of tweets over the weekend about a recent visit to Myanmar, calling it “an absolutely beautiful country.”

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06 Sep 2018

After Multiple Provocations, Twitter Has Banned Alex Jones And Infowars

After weeks of equivocation, Twitter permanently suspended the accounts of Infowars and its founder Alex Jones on Thursday, following similar moves by other large tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify. The decision came after a series of provocations from Jones that Twitter deemed in violation of its “abusive behavior” rules.

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