09 Jul 2016

Head chef sacked after he claimed to secretly serve vegans animal products

A head chef has been sacked after he boasted about secretly serving animal products to vegans.

Alex Lambert, 30, was working at the Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby when he claimed it was his ‘personal favourite’ to sabotage vegans’ diets.

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03 Feb 2015

Morrissey Axes Iceland Show Because Venue Serves Meat

Morrissey has ditched a gig in Reykjavik because the venue’s management wouldn’t take meat off the menu.

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04 Feb 2011

Prehistoric vegetarians, vegans ‘probably got eaten by predators,’ says expert

London, UK — Vegetarians and vegans existed in prehistoric times, but there is no present-day evidence of their existence because they most likely got eaten by carnivorous predators before they could leave a lasting mark on the world, a leading British archaeologist has claimed.

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