07 Nov 2018

GOP Rep. Lewis once complained that men couldn’t call women ‘sluts.’ He just lost his seat to a woman.

Republican Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota made headlines this summer when it was revealed that he made bigoted remarks about women on a radio show before he took office.

On a syndicated show he hosted in 2012, Lewis spoke up in defense of Rush Limbaugh, who had been criticized for calling a Georgetown student “a slut” for petitioning the school to pay for her birth control. Lewis wondered why it was no longer acceptable to use the word to refer to women.

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25 Aug 2016

Pokemon Go-playing truck driver kills woman in Japan

Japanese police have arrested a driver who they say struck and killed a woman while he was playing Pokemon Go.

The suspect, a 39-year old farmer, was driving a small truck on Tuesday evening when he failed to notice two women crossing the road because he was playing the popular augmented reality game, the police said.

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22 Jan 2016

Wisconsin hunter pink-wear bill reaches governor’s desk

Wisconsin hunters could choose blaze pink protective wear, a first for a U.S. state, if Governor Scott Walker signs a bill intended to draw more women to the sport.

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08 Mar 2015

Why Men Are More Narcissistic Than Women

If there’s one thing you can say for craziness, it’s that it’s not sexist. Across entire populations, males and females face a pretty equal lifetime risk of coming unhinged. Within conditions, however, there may be differences. Women are twice as likely as men, for example, to develop depression. Anxiety disorders such as OCD and phobias also hit women a bit harder.

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01 Oct 2014

Entitled Men Everywhere Just Can’t Stop Taking Up All the Space on Public Transportation

Hey, bro, you’re not that well-endowed.

When a woman takes her seat, she occupies the given space with legs crossed or neatly positioned. As for men? Far too many have been observed sitting with their legs spread wide open, encroaching upon the personal space of everyone around them, especially women.

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