Caveat Lector:

None of the articles posted in the News section of this site are (fully) based in fact. They are all either entirely or partly fictitious and not meant to be taken seriously. The same goes for the posts in Apocrypha à la Carte.

So, like, don’t go around writing a report about it and passing it off as gospel truth.

Yeah, we’re talking about you, Daily Manab Zamin and the New Nation.


What’s real, then?

Articles posted in the Opinion and Reviews sections are wholly based in subjective opinion. They are most definitely real. While opinions can be faked, such is not the case here.

The data that populates the Bent*Spun 21 chart is also 100% certifiably authentic.

Third party content, such as viral videos, photos, etc., that appears on this site may or may not be real. They are posted on bent*spud mostly because they’re hilarious, downright odd and freaky. We cannot vouch for their authenticity since we didn’t make them. But they’re probably real.

The Jaunt Teas by Jaunta Swirlbush is primarily a curated collection of link-worthy news items culled from the vast ocean of the Internet. As with third party content, we cannot ascertain the veracity of these items produced by other people. Most likely real.