The bent*spud™ Mission

Right, so what’s this tomfoolery all about, you ask? Well, it’s all about being the world’s most reliable source of unreliable news. Pure and simple.

In these pages, nifty bullcrap and codswallop (look it up, it’s a real word, mate) fabricated with wild abandon shall be delivered with the hope that you, beloved reader, will enjoy it in all its cheeky splendor. Because you know what? Reality sucks. It does, doesn’t it? We all could do with a little less of it, and a little more LOL.

What’s a bent spud anyway?

It can be many things:

  • A Wednesday morning guest staying until Sunday afternoon tea.
  • A really great lay on a hot sweaty summer’s day.
  • A gander in Margaret Thatcher’s powder room.
  • An inedible vegetable.
  • Your mother’s nickname for your father’s naughty bits.

Mostly, it’s just, well, all the silly with a smidge of Milli Vanilli.


Blame it on the rain, indeed.

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The technical nitty-gritty

bent*spud™ runs on 100% pure dissociation, really strong coffee, trans-fat-free peanut butter, and various alcoholic spirits.

Oh, and WordPress has a lot to do with it as well.